Welcome to Cleep

A fast, easy-to-use and customizable clipboard manager for macOS

One-time payment, no subscriptions.
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Boost your productivity with Cleep's unique features.

And it's all yours. Cleep does not offer subscriptions or extra features that are unlocked through micro payments.


You can customize practically any aspect of the application.

  • History size
  • Number of visible elements
  • Ignore events by app/type
  • Show meta info about clips
  • Many more!

Unique features

In addition to the functionalities you already know, you can now enjoy these features.

  • Preview of the copied images
  • Source app icon, at a glance
  • Access the second last item
  • And more!

Be more productive

Keyboard shortcuts are available to access any of Cleep's functionality without needing your mouse.

You can also use the integrated search to quickly find what you are looking for regardless of the size of your history.

Privacy policy

Cleep doesn't store your data. It doesn't track you nor profile you. Period.

What did you expect?

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers will help you with the most frequently asked questions so you can use Cleep to the fullest.

Easy peasy, open Cleep by clicking on the icon in the menu bar or with the shortcut ⇧⌘ C, select "Preferences" and check "Launch at login".

Before you can paste from the menu or using the shortcuts, you have to add Cleep in the macOS accessibility options.

Go to "System Preferences", then "Security and Privacy". Now you can select "Accessibility" from the list on the left, click on the "+" symbol and add Cleep from the "Applications" folder.

Good question. Cleep, by default, does not monitor certain types of data marked as sensitive (more details here), in addition, several well-known password managers are also included in the list of ignored types and of course, you can customize it to include your own.

Not familiar with what content types are? No problem, you can also select any application you have installed to ignore its events. All these settings can be found in "Preferences", "Advanced".

If you've found a bug or if you want to request a new feature for Cleep, you can use the "Issues & requests" link in the header or write an email to roberto@planta7.io.